Aloe Rose Toner

Aloe Rose Toner


The Aloe Rose Toner is organic, highly effective and promotes beautiful, clear skin. Adding the SunKiss toner to your beauty regimen helps to remove unwanted residue that remains after cleansing your face while balancing pH levels, tightening pores, adding a layer of protection against impurities in the environment, refreshing your skin, and moisturizing!

Invisible Pores Here I Come!


  • Organic Witch Hazel is alcohol-free, moisturizes and refreshes the skin while reducing inflammation, redness, and pore size. It's great when disinfecting minor cuts, relieving the effects of sunburn, and for treating eczema, psoriasis, and wrinkles.

  • Organic Rose Water is alcohol-free and is perfect for toning the face, neck, eye area, dry skin, body, and hair. Also used for balancing PH, acne prone skin, hand spots, dark marks, combination oily skin, and overall to balance skin as a botanical astringent and toner.

  • Organic Aloe Vera is a moisturizer that fights aging, soothes sunburn, reduces skin inflammations, blistering, and itchiness while helping the skin to heal more rapidly.

  • Organic Essential Oils can refresh and soothe irritated skin, moisturize deeply, repair damaged skin, and over time remove cellulite.

Word of Advice:

  • Toner can be applied to your face after cleansing, and before moisturizing. I recommend applying a small amount to a cotton ball and gently blotting and whipping your entire face and neck. Allow to dry for 5 minutes, then apply SunKiss Moisturizer Serum.