Divine Release: OWN YOUR VOICE
10:30 PM22:30

Divine Release: OWN YOUR VOICE

Are you afraid to share your story? Are you nervous to state your needs? Do you worry that your words will hurt others? Do you speak from your heart or mind? The throat chakra is driven by expression and communication of your authentic self. The throat chakra wants us to speak our truth, but with love.

So many of us were silenced during our childhood, or forced to keep painful family secrets. Now, here we are as adults, trying to exist boldly, loudly, and comfortably in this world when we were silenced. 

We will be in a safe, loving community to anonymously WRITE moments when we were silenced, engage in a soulful SINGING meditation to cleanse our throat chakras, and then delve into a gentle BREATH WORK journey to reclaim our voice. It will be a transformative inner journey with time to connect organically with like-minded souls. 

Inner child work helps to bring back joy, contentment, and awe. Let’s not be afraid to go back to move forward. Come to be seen, heard and valued!


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Renegade Craft Fair
to Jun 18

Renegade Craft Fair

Renegade Craft Fair is the worlds largest curated showcase of independent craft and design. 

MISSION: To create a vibrant and lively that reflects and illuminates the work of today's modern makers. We strive to keep our events relevant to emerging and established designers alike, focusing on the highest quality goods and the freshest voices. 

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11:00 AM11:00

Bronx Museum Holiday Market

Save your holiday shopping for the Bronx Museum’s Holiday Market Weekend! In collaboration with FromTheBronx.com, The South Bronx Farmer’s Market, THE POINT, and The Bronx Beer Hall, the Bronx Museum welcomes more than 25 local artists, artisans, farmers, bakers, brewers, and more for a holiday market that is not to be missed. Free admission!

Shop for:

- Artist-made gifts and crafts
- Jewelry from local designers
- Artisan cookies, cakes, and sweets
- Bronx-crafted spirits and beer
- Handmade beauty products, scarfs, ties, and other apparel

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to Oct 16

The Witches Ball by The 9th Coven

  • The Witch Ball by The 9th Coven (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS
  • Saturday, October 15th from 8pm-12am

  • Host:  Baron Ambrosia

  • Performances by Ida Divine, Azizaa Mystic, Yahzarah, Holly Saucy

  • Fine Art Display by Fabiola Jean-Lewis and Sara Bunn, Momar Clemons, Navin Norling, Andy Outis, Korga Peices

  • Tarot Card Readings by Tatianna Tarot

  • Alcohol Tasting:  (9th Coven brews): Voodoo Pussy, Black Majik Woman, La Bruja

  • Music provided by Val Jeanty, Dj Devanity, Eli Efi

See you there!

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